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Cryptosphere News and Noise

March 29

The Metaverse and Crypto Assets

We keep hearing the term “Metaverse” being tossed around, related to many topics. While the term has been around for a long time, it was originally relegated to sci-fi. You might remember movies like “Tron,” “The Matrix” and the recent offering of “Free Guy.”  if you simply imagine a virtual world that can be interacted with by users represented in..Read More
March 29

News Alert: Fundraising Canadian Truckers with Bitcoin

It’s generally easy to see the appeal of private peer-to-peer transactions. Perhaps there’s no better example of the need for blockchain’s decentralized facilitation and documentation than in the ongoing saga of the Canadian trucker protest in Ottawa. For those of you living under a rock, Canada issued a Covid-19 vaccine mandate for many workers, including truckers. The mandate negatively impacts..Read More
March 29

Social Media Platforms Built on Blockchain

Since 1973, small-scale social platforms have existed to connect people with common interests and needs over primitive internal networks and servers. Most of these programs were implemented by universities, companies, and government entities. Special digital chat rooms were created for group messaging and basic versions of instant messaging to individuals. Larger message areas were referred to as digital “bulletin boards”..Read More
March 29

Social Media and Cryptocurrency

Many people who use social media have never learned much about cryptocurrency; however, most if not all crypto-traders, investors, and developers have had some or a lot of involvement with social media. Social media will likely never go away as our global culture turns to various social platforms to stay in touch with family and friends and develop businesses and..Read More
March 29

Leaving Crypto to Loved Ones

You might assume that leaving your crypto assets to your family or friends is just a matter of listing your assets in your will, like anything else you own. The problem is that your crypto assets are encrypted. Because there is no real record created of those assets attributed to you in a central banking location, it’s possible that without..Read More
March 29

News Alert: The US Digital Dollar – What You Need to Know

What’s going on with the US digital dollar? Last March 2021, the Feds intended to share a report on the proposed prototype version of the digital USD. Instead, six months later, on January 20, 2022, the Federal Reserve finally released their 40-page report enumerating and describing their project, discussing and exploring several issues related to the introduction of Central Bank..Read More
March 29

Solana: A Hot Crypto to Watch

Solana has its own blockchain, which carries a high-volume trading activity centered around the Solana coin (SOL), designed to work with NFTs. It began as an ICO project to fund the development of a special network that ran via a unique set of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. As a result, in March 2020, the SOL initially raised more than $25..Read More
March 29

Giving Your Crypto To Others

When would you ever want to give away your cryptocurrency or assets? Not only do many people across the world give crypto assets to family and friends as gifts, but they also invest for their children for their futures, and they have to think about where their crypto goes in the event of their unexpected or anticipated death. Just like..Read More
March 29

Metaverse Tokens

If you haven’t yet brushed up on your knowledge of the Metaverse and how it works, go check out this blog. One of the best ways to participate financially in the Metaverse is by trading in Metaverse tokens. Since they represent in-game or in-metaverse currency and NFTs, they begin by being useful to those who actively interact with the metaverse-related..Read More
March 29

News Alert: Facebook Diem Dream Shattered -NFTs To Be Sold on Facebook

Facebook’s Libra digital token surfaced over two years ago, promising to revolutionize social media commerce. Today, it’s becoming evident that the Libra token, aka the “Zuck Buck,” is going nowhere. Once the US Federal Reserve’s recent regulatory clarifications brought Facebook’s Diem Association digital currency manager the final blow to their Libra token, the end was in sight. Libra/Diem also lost..Read More