Digital Currency Training

Become a Crypto Currency pro! All our coaches are certified trader education specialists. Crypto currencies are safe, efficient, and effective tools for buying/selling your assets classes. Learn to create an online account with multiple digital assets and generate income within your first week.

The Curriculum

What We Teach

Our digital currency experts provide a wealth of up-to-date knowledge that you can put to work right away! The many vital principles we teach include: 

  • Teaching the basics of buying and selling digital currencies 
  • Improving profits to increase asset wealth and accumulation 
  • Choosing the right kind of market and picking digital currencies that are going to sell 
  • Developing relationships with domestic and international exchanges to get the best prices on the market 
  • Buying digital currencies directly through large trusted exchanges (Binance,, Poloniex, Bittrex, and more) 
  • Increasing digital currencies search technical and fundamental analysis by mastering crypto currency best practices for trading 
  • Creating product listings and increasing conversions that lead to higher sell-through rates 
  • Growing your portfolio to become a crypto currency Powerseller and Top-Rated crypto currency trader 
  • Opening and maintaining a digital wallet and crypto currency accounts on exchanges 
  • Using the best crypto currency tools including and other blockchain applications

Program Features

1 on 1 Mentoring

Learn at your own pace with eLibrary Streaming Videos

Live Webinars


Benefits of being a Top Trader

  • Freedom to Pay

The freedom to pay is a big advantage in Bitcoin. Let’s say you’re in the United States and you have a friend in Africa. Sending money to your friend is possible through Bitcoin technology. Since Bitcoin is a form of currency that exists digitally, it is possible to send and receive money anywhere around the world. With Bitcoin, you also don’t have to worry about limitations for transferring money, such as crossing borders or bank holidays. Plus, since Bitcoin also has no central authority figure, no one but you is in control of your own money.

  •  The Transparency of Information

Whenever it comes to transferring money, the transparency of information is always a priority. This is another big advantage of Bitcoin. With its blockchain technology, all final transactions become available for the public eye – but your personal information is still kept confidential. Your digital wallet address is visible to other users, but your personal details are not. Why is this important? This improved security protocol cannot be manipulated by any person, organization, or government. 

  • Control and Security

Controlling and securing your money is always a priority, regardless of the medium. Bitcoin allows users to control their own transactions through a personal digital wallet. There are no hidden or surprise fees from vendors; everything only happens with your approval. Your wallet can also be protected with robust encryption to ensure your privacy and your money’s security. Plus, with your personal information not being used in the transactions, there is increased protection against identity theft.

  • Low Fees

Who wants high fees? Usually, the fees depend on the exchange, but there are little to no fees within Bitcoin payments. Although having low fees is the norm, additional fees will be included. Transactions with higher fees are faster and prioritized in the network. We can teach you more about avoiding some fees and using fees to your advantage. 

What our clients are saying about cryptocurrency

Dan Fazio

Dan Fazio is a diligent scientist and an active father of two. Like all entrepreneurs, Dan wanted to create an income to support his family. When first introduced to the program, he was attracted to the idea that he could do this all on his own. The idea of being able to learn and create a business solely based off his skills and understanding brought the program full circle in his life. To date, Dan has earned a $6000 profit from his cryptocurrency business in a few short months.

Dan’s coach started him off working on Binance. Dan was brand-new to digital currencies and had never used or worked with it before. He learned how to effectively use cryptocurrencies from watching the Webinars and learning from one-on-one sessions with his coach. The original plan was to make money quickly on Binance at first, to build up his business, then move on to other exchanges. However, Binance became so lucrative for Dan that he stayed consistent with selling digital currencies. Months later, Dan and his coach are creating Dan’s own crypto currency trading team.

Working with digital currencies was definitely the best way for Dan to start creating an income for himself. His coach taught him how to use larger exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, and Gemini to find digital currencies online. Dan would examine “price volatility” on these larger exchanges, then research the digital currencies through Coinmarketcap and other sources, evaluating which digital currencies would have the best profit margins and sell the easiest. Then he would take those digital currencies and create a block folio listing of his personal assets. When Dan sold an asset from the exchanges, he would then purchase more and continue to become profitable.

Dan learned that you cannot just throw a trade together. It takes work to create an effective digital trader. One of the most important parts of trading, and the reason Dan realized success, is having a proper mentor to help with market research. 

Dan states, “If you have a proper mentor and do the market research, then you will gain the profits you want for your family and your business. You will be just as competitive a trader as everyone else.” 

Along with an effective mentor, Dan also has formed a pattern of selling digital currencies on Binance. At the moment, he tries to keep at least 60-70 different digital currencies in play and makes around $10,000 per week. With every digital asset that he maintains, he also states that, “Setting a Stop-loss is Key!” Dan uses his smart phone and other means to trade cryptocurrency immediately. He never lets his trades go unattended when they are moving on exchanges. Dan has truly found his place in the Cryptocurrency selling world.

Dan has accrued more profit by selling on various crypto exchanges than he ever imagined. His wife has been encouraging and has decided to assist him in building his business even bigger. Dan says, his… “money situation is still tight, but it is getting better. My life is improving because I have been able to do this.”

Learn to sell through Binance and become a Top Rated Trader and Powerseller

Learn to become affiliate and get paid with major exchanges.