Digital Exchange Training

Most people don’t even realize they can buy/sell and make money on Cryptocurrency Exchanges! Cryptocurrency Exchanges are the most successful exchanges in history, and even the most novice online traders can take advantage of the vast number of digital currencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is one of its major advantages, as it is a very dynamic currency. With the ability of instant exchange, there is no time barrier. 

Independent from financial institutions like banks, it uses a decentralized database that is immune to any manipulation. Transfers are booked immediately, making express transfers possible without the need for third parties. With digital currencies exchanges like ours, we immediately connect buyers with sellers. In the case of fiat currencies (EUR, USD, PLN, etc.), we depend on bank posting times and other restrictions. 

So why don’t more people take advantage of the huge opportunities offered by Cryptocurrency Exchanges? They don’t know how! We’ll show you some simple strategies that will shed some light on how to make money on Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

Cryptocurrency Background


In recent years, the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies has exploded to a cumulative $237.1 billion USD, up from the 2018 value of $128.78 billion USD! More transactions are transacted on Crypto Currencies exchanges daily. Binance, for example, is doing more than $1.7 Billion USD in transactions daily, more than any other digital exchange on the entire Internet, making Binance the premier trading source for people all around the world. Bitcoin’s price has moved from $0.08/per coin in 2010 to over $19,997/share in 2017! What has caused the big move? Bitcoin has managed to make an online purchase of goods and services easier than ever, providing detailed transparency, security, affordable prices, and flexible cryptocurrency exchange options.

How Cryptocurrency Works For Sellers

Cryptocurrency is different from any other traditional exchange network online. That is probably one of the reasons few sellers attempt Cryptocurrency as a marketplace to buy/sell their various digital currencies! Here’s the main difference: on Cryptocurrency exchanges, only one version of a sending address and receiving address can be shown. Funds can be sent without the scare of having fraud, chargebacks, or double spending, unlike the issues with traditional banks.  

If you were to send cryptocurrency to a family member overseas, it would cost less than a regular money transfer and they would get the money in minutes, sometimes even seconds, depending on the digital currency chosen. That’s the difference for someone who needs to get money to a family member quickly in case of emergencies. Family members could then sell cryptocurrencies for fiat currency. 

Bitcoin can be sold on various digital exchanges to multiple buyers 24/7, whereas on Forex and Stock exchanges, sellers can only operate in the time factor of weekdays and not on the weekends. Price movement could fall short during that time, making you miss out on a crucial trade. 

Most people who buy on Crypto Currencies simply click the “Buy” button when looking at the market exchanges. You must become “Verified” to buy CryptoCurrency on exchanges! The trick to making money on Digital Currencies is to figure out how to follow the “Trends,” because those are the sellers that make the most money!

How to Become a “Moon Trader” on Digital Exchanges

Several key factors will influence who gets the “Lambo,” or which seller gets the “Moon,” on any given digital currency. Cryptocurrency has no boundaries; it will follow those who spend more time following its volume and price trends. Look at market research and use technical analysis to get feedback from the marketplace. Buy on news and sell on rumors. Everyone has heard the saying “Buy Low, Sell High.” Check the buying and selling history, age of icons, and other digital currencies, price, and other small factors. 

Here’s the key: if you can have a reasonable price (often needs to be the lowest), and ratings of the project is truly worth in the marketplace, you will get an opportunity to be the “Moon,” which is ultimately where all the successful traders go! But how can you do that when you’re a new trader? It’s hard to get profits and success with trading if you have never had any! If you tell Binance that you want to sell a particular digital currency that they have listed, you will often be one of the very last sellers featured on an exchange. Why? Because Binance is not interested in having you sell the digital currency (sometimes even when you have the lowest price!) when you have very little selling history and no transparency in the marketplace. 

So, what’s the secret? How can a new trader break into what seems to be an exclusive club? The real trick is understanding how the marketplace moves; remember, volume-based exchanges only, and always have a game plan before you enter a trade, and also an exit strategy; these things will mitigate risk. At that point, even if you’re just breaking even, you can begin to establish a trading history and a positive portfolio. As a result, the next time you want to sell another digital currency, you have a much better chance of stealing the “Moon.”

A $1,000 Profit Success Story in 1 Month

A trader that works directly with our coaching program began selling on Binance in January 2013. He had the same challenges described above – no trading history, no affiliate marketing history, and therefore, no chance to make profits on Digital Exchanges. This trader used the strategy discussed above. He found some inexpensive Altcoins from international digital exchanges, took big orders of the items, and once they arrived at his price movement, he began selling them for fair prices on Binance and closing sales. 

If you are selling totally unique crypto with a brand-new utility that solves a problem and grabs market share, you are automatically the “Moon,” which ensures that you will be the one closing for profits! 

See figure 2.0 listed above to see his first month’s sales. In one month, he made over $1,000 with two Trades and nearly five more trades he can sell for profits up to $5,500. After one month of trading, he established a positive portfolio and had 15 personal affiliate referrals on his account. As a result, he is now capable of competing with other cryptocurrency buyers/sellers on other digital exchanges that would have otherwise been too competitive for him to ever receive the “Moon” advantage. Instead of Cryptocurrency being an exclusive club for only long-time buyers/sellers, using the strategy above, now anybody can quickly receive quality profits and even make $1,000 or more in a month.