John Richards

I am truly thankful for using your guy’s services for the last 6 months I have made more than what I do as a teacher. I am looking to cut my hours and go into consulting and teaching my family also about crypto currency. Thank you, Xavier, and your amazing team of experts. You guys go far and beyond answering my questions and helping guide me in this crypto market!

As I write this my portfolio started at $4000 and now I am currently sitting at $195,000 thank you guys in a matter of 5 months!!! This crypto game is so life-changing I urge you all reading this to take the time and grab a mentor trust me it will be worth the time and money!!!

Robert King

Xavier and his team has went far and beyond with helping understand the digital space. I am 67 years old I am now been able to focus on not having to look for another job. With the guidance of this team I have been able to make more money trading than I have my whole entire life!!! Thank you Xavier and your team keep up the good work!

Patrick Aponte

I am thankful for the consulting services you guys offer! I made a solid 100k in 6 times working with you guys. For me, I already have made a year’s REMARKABLE salary! Thanks to you so I appreciate that. I have a pit in my stomach pulling so early but it is ok. I should have to talk to you first. I have been able to help teach my family about everything I have learned from you guys! My mom and wife are involved with you guys now thank you!

Traemon Roberts

5 Star Consulting services far and beyond. Worked with Xavier he has been so knowledgeable about this industry. He puts in a lot of time and research into giving them information that helped my family hit $200,000 on January 10, 2020. He was so right about Bitcoin breaking past the $30,000 mark and right now bitcoin is hanging at $40,000 truly remarkable. I have been able to quit my 9-5 and I am fully dedicating my time towards learning about other various Altcoins with my consulting coach. I am so excited for what is to come!

Sheryl A., El Reno, OK

“I am proud to be with the coaching system. My coach is a fantastic coach. When I had problems, he was right there for me. When I felt like nothing was ever going to be right, he got me back on track and kept me on track. He was, as they say, very user friendly. I could not have done it without him. I am 53 years old. I am dyslexic and have ADD. I have a 10th grade education. My coach took me by the hand and led me through the steps with the greatest patients I have ever seen.

“I was with a different internet coaching program before this. It cost me a fortune and I never finished my website with them. I moved it to this coaching program and now it is up and running. Coaching has called me every week keeping me on track. My coach answered all my questions on the phone and by email.

“This company has done exactly what they say they will do. I highly recommend them over any other coaching service out there. Believe me, I have been to a lot of them and have paid for it dearly. This is the best training program and the only program you will ever need to learn how to make your own home based business .

“Thank you! You are the best.”

Teresa A., Montoursville, PA

“It has been only three short weeks since I signed with the coaching program but in that time I have learned so much! Buying and selling on cryptocurrencies, registering MY OWN BUSINESS, obtaining an EIN #, and setting up my home based business…I can hardly believe I’ve accomplished all this. Sometimes I do feel somewhat overwhelmed but then I remember that help is just a phone call or email away, and the response from the support team is always prompt and helpful. The curriculum and webinars on the website are extremely helpful also. What I like about the webinars is that if you miss the live session they are recorded so you can go back anytime and replay them.

“I’d recommend this coaching system to anyone and everyone! The people that are involved with the program, from the owner to the consultants to the whole support team, secretaries and phone operators, are very knowledgeable and friendly and willing to help you in any way they can. I am sure that with this kind of support I cannot help but succeed with my business adventure!”

Tim W., Laguna Hills, CA

“I hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year! I just thought I’d let you know where I netted out for my homes business thus far. I have profited $17,700.

I am thankful for all the information you guys have given me. I have been able give my family a great Christmas and I am looking continue have more”

Andrea N., Yellville, AR

“Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know I made my sale in the market today! My research is progressing and I’m getting around $100-$200 gains daily on my other crypto currencies. I’m working on hardware wallet setup right now, and keeping up with my profolio. Thanks so much for all your help!”

Yvonne and Glen P., Dalzell, SC

“We are working with a great coach from the coaching program and she is a pleasure to work with. Her weekly calls are coaching us to go in the right direction to make this business successful. We’re selling more now on and from other various exchanges then we did before on our own now that were learning. We’re not where we want to be yet but we aren’t where we once were before either. The support from the coaching is TERRIFIC.”

Marielle N., Dalhousie, NB Canada

“I just wanted to give you a quick update on how it’s been going for me since I registered with you guys. I have been a member with the coaching program for a little over 5 weeks now and every thing is going just fine. In fact, things are improving every week!

“What I did is I started purchasing the listed coins mention in the group and so far, up to December 6th I have made a profit of just a little over $4,997 and I only started the purchase about 3 other digital currencies.

“I have to say that the coach calls are helping me a lot and the fact that whenever I’m stuck with a problem knowing that I can call you guys and that someone will be there to help me with this particular problem is also very helpful because I’m not wasting time with this problem and having to wait the next coach call to have my questions answered. I just have to call you guys, have my questions answered and after that I already can move on to the next step. This is just great because I don’t get discourage by bugging on a problem and not being able to move forward.

“Thank you so much for all your support up to now, and continue to do so because I’m not stopping there! In fact I registered with you guys to make it a business. I have been dreaming of working from home for a couple of years now because I can be there for my 2 children and since I’m pregnant and I’m expecting a 3rd one for the beginning or 2010 it’s going to be all the more important for me to stay home with the children and the baby.

“So keep up your good work, I’m going to be doing the same on my part to make this business grow and I’m going to be looking forward to getting more tricks and good advices from you guys! Thank you so much!!”

Rensi S., Melbourne, AU

“To give you some background – prior to joining the coaching program, I had spent $40,000 on coaching and internet marketing programs in the past. My website never got set up and all I did was loose a lot of money. This was all before I received a call from the coaches and signed up.

“I cannot tell you what a wonderful difference the coaching has made in my life. I was a bit intimidated by cryptocurrency – I had never bought anything on there let alone sell anything – it looked too complicated. I was assured this would make a difference. You held true to your promise! My coach contacted me and had me start studying your information – which I did. I still felt a little intimidated, but my coach got me started, and I have not looked back. I have been working with selling digital currencies of the different exchanges now for about a month and a half. At first I didn’t think I would make any money, but YAHOOOO! In the last month I have made over $5,000 with no fees taken out of that either!

“I could not have done this if it had not been for my coach and his guidance. I am sure he had a rough time with me, but he persisted, and so did I. My coach wanted me to get at least 10 positive profitable trades – which when I started felt almost impossible.

“Then my learning curve started to take hold and in November I am even buying/selling cryptocurrency internationally. I just kept watching the webinars and following the advice both they and my coach gave me. I am making extra money now, and more quickly than I had in the beginning. I am so excited!

“My coach and I discussed this our last coaching session and he walked me through trading on because I just was not getting the hang of that part. We worked with Bittrex, Gemini,IDEX, Poloniex, etc. I finally realized – with my coach’s help, what I would like to sell and make profits with while working at home, and how to go about signing up or registering with upcoming icos and various blockchain projects. I feel a whole new world has opened up to me and I can make a profit. My coach is a positive thinker and wants me to find digital currencies where I can make at least $1000 profit per coin. So that is what I will be doing till our next coaching session – finding cryptocurrencies and noting where I can find it again. Thank you so much!”

Christine P., Kansas City, MO

“You will be proud, my profits this week is over $4,796.00 on Binance and I get paid almost immediately. I have sold a few alt coins VET for BTC. I have one more trade what is already given me 10x. This will be over a $28,900.00 return and that is my take home from this trade!.”

Troy S., Hardin, MO

I have been a Police Officer for 6 years. I woke up on my 39th birthday and realized I was not getting any younger and I definitely was not getting any richer. Now don’t get me wrong I love being a Police Officer due to my love of helping others in so many different ways but have you seen a Police Officer’s pay scale.

“Before I was a Police Officer I worked in a rock quarry for 16 years and after 15 years I decided that was a dead end carrier too. So I started looking into owning my own business. I got with a brother in-law and started up a little business fixing vacuum cleaners. I made a little money but the overhead of the store took most of what we made. I got tired of working 10 hours a day and coming home and putting in another 5 hours a night for little or no money so I sold my share to my brother in-law and didn’t make anything.

“I looked into owning a mini-mart or a small grocery store. But the overhead of owning the building plus the produce I didn’t see how I would make any money in the next 10 years.

“So here I am. I started researching internet businesses. I looked at everything and everything again. I bought the Michael Vincent book and I liked what I read. I received a call from the coaching program and I liked what I heard. I researched everything I was told and everything was true. Everything that has been promised to me so far has been produced. I listened to the webinars and I have done exactly what my coach told me to do and on my second day trading in the exchange I had $2,148 in profits in one day.

“I haven’t even started for more than a month! Are you kidding me? Sorry that’s what I keep hearing from my wife in the background when another profitable trade that comes in and as she plans our vacation next month. It has gone from Branson Missouri to Las Vegas to Cancun, so far!

“Well I think this is just the beginning of something a lot bigger and I hope an early retirement as well.”

Veronica F., Mastic Beach, NY

I am a stay at home Mom. My husband hooked up his old computer and showed me how to email somebody because I had no clue about how to use a computer. So I played around and learned how to search around a bit and shop. Times were really getting tough money wise and I was trying to figure out how to make some money at home. I searched around on the computer looking for ways and came across some so called “work at home” jobs or should I say scams! I can’t even begin to tell you how much money I was scammed out of. I really don’t understand how people can rip off other people and still sleep at night, but that’s a whole other story!

One day I came across cryptocurrencies, I was looking for a increase my bank account for Christmas and Googled it and sure enough it came up on cryptocurrencies and various websites. Once I was on there, I was hooked! I started researching things, and then I found out about Blockchain. This is a whole new world of opportunities! I found, a fabulous informative company, and started researching more on various cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.

This is where it gets interesting! I got a phone call one day from the coaching program. My first thoughts, I thought for sure it was another scam, and it sounded too good to be true! I spoke to my husband about it that night and he thought the same as me, scam. I got another phone call about a week later from the the coaching program, and I started thinking that this really didn’t sound like a scam after all. They called back the following day and explained the whole thing again to my husband and I, now we were convinced to take the chance. I am soooo glad we did!!!

I am 5 months into the course and I can’t believe all that I have accomplished. I have made more money than I have ever made in my entire life! l, I’m running my own business and still able take care of my kids, I’m making money, I’m even doing my own spreadsheets for P/L. I never could’ve done this on my own. I have a wonderful coach who taught me everything! Sometimes I felt sorry for her, I would send her about 15-20 emails a day asking her to explain things. When I started I didn’t even know how to copy & paste something!!! She was always there to help. I still have a lot to learn and I am looking forward to that. This course literally changed my life, obviously for the better, and it was worth every penny!

If there is anyone out there debating if you should do this or not, or if you could do this or not, the answer is, you could and you should!

For the first time in my life, I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!! and so is my family! That’s the best part of it all! Forever Grateful and Thankful!!!

Wesley R., Stevenson Ranch, CA

“Since I signed up and it is just my second coaching session, I have made a profit of $2,147.02 by following your instructions and the webinars. I believe this is going to be a very profitable adventure, all thanks to the coaching.“

Teresa D., Montoursville, PA

“My Great and Wonderful Crypto Currency Experience: Right now I am so excited! I just made $28,647.50 on Binance! I hadn’t done any buying or selling digital currencies, I decided it was time to get started in the game.’ I had a set of four digital currencies that were chosen in the group chat. With looking  at everyone else’s success on past trades I went for it.

“Using the coaching program and using my coach I have been getting my money worth! I truly understand how the market moves and I decided to go with various altcoins and also purchasing more bitcoin for profits . This is what is so nice about using digital currencies : you can choose the exchanges, type of digital currencies  (BTC, LTC, ETH, ENJ, etc.) and so many other features like staking increase your profolio number of coins most importantly it is a asset class like gold so you can turn it back liquid (Fiat) for sell and deposit back into your bank account! And I think I made the right choices; you can see what kind of success you gotten on your profolio on my mobile phone it automatically updates! What makes this deal so sweet is that a few months ago I took profits on Bitcoin when it was at $3900 in March and rose to $10,000 I sold for profit of $6100! My coach told me to take massive action and I will have massive results and they were defiantly right!

“Digital Currencies buying and selling is easy and upfront, with the prevention of fraud and double spending and my security and control of my own funds it makes digital currencies more honest than my relationship with my bank. The coaches I’ve been working with  are full of suggestions, tips, resources and recommendations.

“THANK YOU for a truly exciting experience. You can be sure that I will continue to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.”

Steve L, Burlingame, KS

“I successfully signed up with and gemini and bought and sold digital currencies. I bought 12 different digital currencies to build up my profolio as my coach directed. I then sold a few and have been profitable. I sold Bitcoin for $2450.00. I sold SNX for $3100, I also have sold VET for $1100.00 and a ETH $850.00. Grand total of $7500 all in my first month of the program. All these profits have allow me pay some bills of and focus on growing this and qutting my 9-5!. Thanks again yeah!”

Stephen K, Joliet, IL

“I sold my first digital currency last week, it was Bitcoin that I had no prior information on. I heard about it but didn’t know how become profitable with it. I listen to the information my coach was giving me and watching the videos on what to do. I was surprise how quick the results I’ve gotten. I was profitable and sold very quick, it was more money I’ve made from my 9-5! I was very excited about learning these new tips because they do work! I currently have other digital currencies and I’m getting an increase in my profolio, all due to these new ideas. Thanks. Just wanted to let you know, I just hit $5900.00 in profits, after only 3 weeks, I feel more confident about this business and I think I could be very successful at this, thanks again for all the support and help from everyone in the program.”

Sherryl W., Ukian, CA

“I am writing to thank you my coach from the coaching team. From our first conversation I felt at ease. He is a great coach and therefore a valuable employee! He is quite knowledgeable and handles himself professionally, yet friendly. His trading and research skills are great so his time is well spent. I can tell he has a full schedule, yet he always has the time I need to move forward. At the same time, I never feel rushed by him to move faster than my ‘not so good computer brain’ can go. He is supportive of my ideas while offering alternative suggestions that might be helpful. I actually feel like a home based business is being born, that I created and I thank my coach for helping me get there, even though I struggle with computers and technology. In conclusion, I feel my coach genuinely cares if I succeed and is doing his part to help me.”

Patrick S, Hudson, SD

“I had to share this with you – I  purchased the digital currencies you recommend in the group on the exchange listed & then I purchased another and by the time I got finished with the 2nd purchased – the first one was up 125% ! I am so excited! I just made $225 in a matter of minutes! Now that’s the way it should be! I am so excited – this can really be fun! Maybe my dream of successfully making money on the internet & having my own PROFITABLE home based business will actually become a reality!”

Joseph G., Newark, OH

“I am a student of this program. I must say I was very skeptical when I signed up in March 2009. But have since been very pleased with the course. I am very glad that I did sign up. I’m learning a lot with the webinars, all the resources and coaches, I think the instructors are very knowledgeable and I enjoy learning from them very much. Thank you, very much.”

Elliot and Grace S., Richmond, VA

“We have made $3289 on so far and we are looking forward to getting our own home based business up and running so we can help our family learn about digital currencies also. Our coach has been an excellent coach!”

Deborah T, Tuscon, AZ

“I have also been selling digital currencies on Binance, and other exchanges and Since August have brought in about $12,467”

Jennifer P, The Colony, TX

“I wanted to take a minute to bring you up to speed on my progress since we did not get to meet last week. I have successfully sold 5 digital currencies on Binance recently to bring my total profit to $2709.50! I’m very happy about that and will continue to research the information posted thank you for the time you put into helping me have success.”

Ruth N., Bellevue, NE

Last week I finally got up the nerve to try this program and Xavier  was assigned as my coach. We met via telephone and he explained what the program was all about and said we would start with digital currencies. He showed me how the education web site worked and exactly what I needed to do to get started. The process seemed pretty overwhelming so I took careful notes and called 100 times! Every time my coach picked up. Xavier told me what to do first, gave me homework assignments and told me if I had any questions to call him at any time. Then I got busy, following his instructions carefully. The result so far: I have bought 10 different digital currencies, 4 of which have been sold with a profit of $3759!. I am holding 6 for long term profit gains. At this point I’ve made close to $4000 thus far and only been working with my coach for only a two weeks! I think that’s pretty good profit into the program and I believe it is all because of Xavier’s superb coaching. I can’t imagine that anyone could do any better! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m now seeking to create more asset wealth with the help of this coaching team, so I need to get back at it. Xavier says I’ll get back what I put into the program so I am giving it my best effort.

Alison M, Malden, MA

"I know way more than I did previously about cryptocurrency. My coach is very professional and understanding… He never got frustrated, and he sure had reason to! He was very helpful and patient in teaching me the ropes. I still have a long way to go as far as learning, but the site is coming along, and at least I now know how to Buy/Sell and Research. Look forward to talking to you soon!"

Huss Miwad Portland, Oregon

If you were like me you are right now motivated to grow and increase your wealth and knowledge, but just need a sense of direction to properly apply this drive. You need guidance and everyone with the will to learn deserves this. Fortunately I was able to take advantage of Xavier’s services and wealth of knowledge in the Crypto Space a world that was foreign to me but surely will be some outing brought into the publics forefront in the very near future! Xavier is a committed knowledgeable and personable individual and I am now in 6 months able to say Ive doubled my net worth all during a worldwide pandemic!! I’m so excited to have the knowledge I do now and it’s all thanks to Xavier’s passion and willingness to build others! So thankful!!!

Francine P., Indian Trail, NC

“The coaching program has really taught me a lot about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. I purchased some different digital currencies mention by my coach and waited for them to be sold. Since I have no prior experience of selling or buying on crypto exchanges, I was quite excited when one of my trades was showing profits by the first week! end of the trade I made $637 profit on it! Another trade was also profitable an when that took me by surprise that I made at total of $2,637 in profit in less than two weeks! It sold for more than I thought it would. “Not only am I learning about cryptocurrencies but also learning the ins and outs of a online based business the ability work from home, and this can be overwhelming at times, but taken one step at a time it is so achievable. The mentoring team has always answered any questions I have at any time. I look forward to having my own online business and the income that it will produce for me I am learning to make my money work for me. I just want to say that the coaching has lived up to everything that was promised. I never thought that at the age of 59 I would be learning all of this!”